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Data Privacy Statement

Version dated 19 April 2018

RTL Disney Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG (hereafter “We” or “Provider”) is the supplier of the service offering WoodieHoo (hereafter “Service”) and data controller for the collection, storage and processing of data affected within the framework of the Service. We respect and protect the user’s privacy. Under the following data privacy statement we intend to inform the users of the Service of how we provide data protection and the manner of collection and processing of data within the framework of our Service.

1. What does “Data Protection” mean?
The law protects so-called “personal data”. This means all information with regard to a person’s factual and personal circumstances, such as for example name, address or age.
The aim of data protection is to protect individuals from the knowledge and use of their data by unauthorised third parties. Therefore, the law prescribes that “personal data” may only be collected, stored, processed and used if a permission is in place. This means that any person who wishes to have access to or use the data must ask the person affected (the data subject) for his permission, as long as there is no statutory permission in place.
“Personal data” is not affected where the information is “anonymised”, i.e. collected, stored, processed or used in a way that does not allow an identification of an individual.

2. Does the Provider ask for “personal data”?
We collect, store and process different kinds of information during the operation of the Service, partly also “personal data”. If and to the extent we collect, store and process “personal data”, this is never done without reason and always within the strict statutory requirements.
We collect, store and process information in order to better understand the users and to offer them improved services. For this, we conduct internal investigations with regard to the users’ interests and behaviour and for this use so-called conversion tracking programs, statistics programs and analysis programs as well as cookies. For this, normally “personal data” is not affected. If it is, we will inform the users and will – where necessary – additionally ask for their permission if no statutory permission applies.
Sometimes, we may send information our users, e.g. in the form of a newsletter or push messages. Individuals who would like to receive such information from us must provide us with contact information e.g. an email address, otherwise we are unable to send this information. Because such information constitutes “personal data”, for the use of this we always ask for permission. Where the user grants this permission, we will always only use such data as described in the permission and delete it where the permission ceases to exist.

3. Does the Provider transfer “personal data” to third parties?
3.1. Many web or app services claim that the “user pays with his data”. For WoodieHoo this is not the case. We will never sell the users’ “personal data” or transfer it for marketing or advertising purposes. Quite the opposite, we only use such data internally and only in the manner as described above.

3.2. Please note that for the use of certain technologies, potentially a further contractual relationship between the user and the service provider of these technologies exists. This relationship is independent from the contractual relationship that is in place between you and us, and for which other terms of use and other data privacy rules apply. For example, if you use the iOS Appstore, the terms and conditions of its provider apply. To know if, how and in what scope personal data is collected, stored and used during the use of such technologies by their providers directly, please refer to the data privacy statement of the respective service provider.

4. Your Consent
The collection and use of “personal data” as described in this Data Privacy Statement is widely permitted based on a statutory permission. Where this is not the case, we will ask for your express consent; you will declare this by way of an “opt-in” to the acknowledgement of this Data Privacy Statement.
We request that all users of this Service consider whether they agree with the described collection and use of their “personal data”. If you have any questions, you may turn to our Data Protection Officer. We would like to ask individuals who do not agree with the explained collection and use of “personal data” to not use this Service.

5. Your Rights
Each user may at any time, without cost and without stating any reasons to the Provider, partly or completely
• object to the collection and use of their “personal data”;
• withdraw consent to the collection and use of their “personal data”;
• request information as to which of their “personal data” is collected or used within the framework of the Service;
• have their “personal data” stored with the provider corrected;
• have their “personal data” stored with the provider blocked and deleted;
Please turn to our Data Protection Officer where you want to assert these rights. Please understand that we can only administer your request if you attach documents which allow us to understand which data, and for which person we need to look at (e.g. copy of identity card etc.).

6. Our Data Protection Officer
Your trust in us is important to us. We are happy to answer any questions related to the collection and use of “personal data” and we are happy to support you with asserting your rights. For this purpose, please turn to our Data Protection Officer:
RTL Disney Fernsehen GmbH & Co KG
Data Protection Officer / Datenschutzbeauftragter WoodieHoo
Picassoplatz 1
50679 Köln


7. A note on “Cookies”

Almost every internet service uses so-called “cookies”. These are small files stored on the device used during a visit to a page and which the browser program “remembers”. For the next visit, the page is able to read the “cookie” and to recognise it. This is nothing harmful: “Cookies” do not cause any damages to your devices and do not contain viruses. Quite the opposite, “cookies” help to make internet pages more user friendly and more effective, by e.g. serving to establish pseudonymised and anonymised user profiles. They also allow a smoother and quicker use of the internet service by recognising the technical configuration of your device. Due to this, pages are e.g. loaded more quickly. “Cookies” can also store access data in an encrypted form and so facilitate logging in.

Internet browser programs offer the possibility to pre-set how to handle cookies. It is possible to exclude the use of “cookies”, or allow them in a limited or unlimited way. Every internet user always has a free choice in setting the respective settings and measures for his device and thereby objecting to the use of “cookies”. It is however possible that internet pages function only in a limited manner where “cookies” are objected to.

We use “cookies” on the web page The cookies we are using at do not collect and store “personal data”.

8. A note on user analytics – “Adobe Analytics”
During the operation of the Service, we use analytical programs in order to better understand the users as well as to learn e.g. which parts of the Service the users particularly like and which parts they do not like. The aim of the analysis is to make the Service even better and more interesting. For this, the web site also uses “cookies”. We use these services in a manner which makes sure that all data is anonymised; in particular the user’s IP-address is anonymised.

For the above-mentioned purpose, we use the program Adobe Analytics from the company Adobe Systems Inc. If you do not wish the use of Adobe Analytics or, as applicable, the setting of cookies through this program or would like to obtain further information on the use of these cookies, please refer to the page

Should you desire that for the above-mentioned purpose no information in connection with your use of our Service is transmitted to Adobe Analytics, you are able to unsubscribe per “opt-out” under the following address:

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